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Meditrac launched a new concept for neck and back pain treatment April 4, 2006

Posted by israelhealthcare in Back Pain Treatment.

Meditrac, an Israeli manufacturer of non-invasive medical devices for the ambulatory non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders, has launched a new concept for neck and back pain treatment. Meditrac’s “Traction on the Move” concept, based solely on Meditrac’s patented products, promotes rapid healing with unique, wearable cervical and lumbar traction devices used in conjunction with a dynamic rehabilitation program based on physical activity during traction.

Recently, researchers at the Nuffield Center in Oxford, England, headed by Jeremy Fairbanks, an orthopedic surgeon, assessed the clinical effectiveness of back surgery compared with intensive rehabilitation on 349 chronic back pain sufferers. The team found no clear evidence that the results of primary spinal fusion surgery were more beneficial than those of intensive rehabilitation and concluded that back surgery should always be the last and final resort after all other non-invasive treatment options have been exhausted.

“These research results encourage the development of spinal rehabilitation programs based on the assumption that for most cases of back pain, physical therapy should be the treatment of choice and surgery should always be the final option,” says Orit Grober, Meditrac’s CEO. “Meditrac’s concept allows professionals to offer their patients the benefits of unique 3D ambulatory traction which is customizable according to each patient’s specific diagnosis and performed in conjunction with active exercise which enhances circulation, muscle strength and joint flexibility – as an integral part of the treatment protocol.”

Meditrac’s innovative medical devices include: The Vertetrac lumbar ambulatory traction system, a cost-effective device for treating lower back pain problems and sciatica which outperforms traditional traction by combining traction with a horizontal force to enable simultaneous 3D traction therapy. The Cervico 2000, an ambulatory traction device targeted at the cervical spine for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain, is one of the few devices that enable both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine.

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1. Richard Kemme - April 6, 2011

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2. Efrat - Meditrac's Marketing Director - May 26, 2011

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3. Pat Stjean - October 31, 2012

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