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Tivit launches healthy sugar free snacks for health-conscious people January 11, 2007

Posted by israelhealthcare in Healthy Nutrition.

Tivit, a provider of sweet, sugar free snacks based on natural and healthy ingredients has launched an original Nature’s Sugar Free snack line for people on low to no sugar diets like diabetics.

Nature’s Sugar Free products are also gluten free, low in sodium and contain no genetically-modified ingredients (GMO). Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fibers, Nature’s nutrition snacks are a good source of non saturated fat, and are sweetened with, Maltitol.

“We provide the market with a perfect solution for a healthy, “guilt-free”, natural snack, which comes in a variety of flavors and suits everyone” says Rami Offer, Tivit CEO. “When incorporated into a nutritionally balanced diet, our unique products can contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle living.”

Nature’s Sugar Free makes the perfect snacks for people on the move, who need a quick, satisfying healthy snack, for health-conscious people looking to add a sparkle of sweetness to their diet, for teens whose attempts to eat natural, low fat foods are challenged by unhealthy munchies and for everyone who loves sweets but hates the after-guilt.

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