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Glucose monitoring systems developer Glucon closed $25 million financing round led by 3i January 25, 2007

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Glucose monitoring systems developer Glucon has closed a private financing round led by global venture capital firm 3i plc. Other venture capital funds that participated in this round include: Sequel Venture Partners, Quest Capital Partnership and Hunt Ventures, Aurum Ventures, Giza Venture Capital, MKI, Infinity Venture Capital Fund, and Ascend Technology Ventures. Glucon declined to disclose financial figures for its fifth round, but according to IVC research the Israeli medical device company closed a $25 million round.

This financing round will help bring Glucon’s products to the hospital market. Glucon is continuing the development of its automated blood glucose measurement system for hospitalized patients called Optimus.

“The Glucose Monitoring market is a key focus area for 3i’s healthcare team,” said Klaus Stoeckemann, healthcare partner at 3i. “Glucon’s innovative blood glucose monitoring device promises to transform and improve patient care, shortening hospital stays and freeing up valuable nursing time.”

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