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C-Boot released new mobile intermittent pneumatic compression device June 10, 2009

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Compression therapy products provider C-Boot has released a new mobile Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) Device. The C-Boot Elastic model enhances the effectiveness of C-Boot in treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), venous ulcers, Lymphedema, and other conditions that require compression therapy, including the enhancement of blood circulation during recovery from coronary artery bypass graft surgery and orthopedic hip and knee replacements.

“The new C-Boot Elastic is an important step in our strategy to become a leading, manufacturer of innovative wearable compression devices,” said Ronen Castro, C-Boot CEO. “One of the enhancements we made to the Elastic model is in the foot portion of the C-Boot. The Foot portion is now designed ergonomically as elastic sock and is perfectly fitted with any size of foot or width. These changes have made C-Boot Elastic very easy to wear with almost every regular shoe and provide better comfort to the patient.”

C-Boot develops and manufactures advanced compression therapy products powered automatically by energy generated from the patient’s body. C-Boot products are mainly prescribed by dermatologists, orthopedics, wound-care experts, physiotherapists, cardiac and vascular experts for treating various of medical conditions, like, DVT prevention, Ulcers and Lymphedema.

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